Bitter Berries, Beautiful Bowls and Body Benefits:The Rise of Acai

Let’s start this one off by addressing the elephant in the room, shall we?

Please know that however the little voice in your head pronounces ‘acai’ – in my case, it fluctuates between sounding like a toddler saying “okay” and a toddler saying “I’m sorry” – rest assured, everyone else is in the same boat. Secretly terrified to say it out loud.

Yet, again and again we rise to the occasion (inevitably speaking unnaturally fast because maybe, just maybe, the waitress won’t notice our shortfalls in culinary enunciation). This is because Aussie foodies are currently obsessed with the taste, health benefits and beautiful presentations of acai.

There’s no wondering why. Acai berries have been described as a ‘superfood’, meaning their nutritional value is superior for the number of calories they contain. The pulp and skin of acai berries include a very high proportion of antioxidants, which prevent disease and improve cardiovascular health. Acai berries are also rich in fibre which aids digestion, as well as amino acids, essential fats, vitamins and minerals for optimal energy.

Acai berries have tart, bitter flavour profile and a large seed, so a popular way of consuming them has been to blend the pulp and skins with other tropical fruits. The blend is served in a bowl with accompaniments such as fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, yoghurt, coconut or granola. The result is the brightly-coloured and nutrient-packed ‘acai bowl’.

Commercial chefs, home cooks and brekky connoisseurs alike know that acai bowls and Granudie granola are a match made in heaven!

The tang of the acai berries compliments the lemon notes in Granudie #1 well, whilst also providing balance to some of the more full-bodied, savoury flavours in Granudie #2. In addition, the trend of adding peanut butter to the acai bowl is short cut with a truly perfect match of Granudie #3 - our Peanut Putter granola!

Upload your acai bowl creations using the hashtag #granudie and let us know how awesome it tastes!

You may now leave the table.

Nola May x

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