Stop! Granudie is not for gobbling

gobble: /ˈɡɒb(ə)l/ verb : to swallow hastily in large pieces, to eat hastily

So much of life is lived at speed and too often our food falls victim to time pressure and clock-watching. With convenient speed-eating so easily available, this does not direct much attention to the delights of anticipation.

Of course Granudie certainly has the ‘oomph’ to take you to your next stop, but this is only part of a bigger picture.

deglutition: /ˌdiːɡluːˈtɪʃ(ə)n/ verb : the act or process of swallowing, to swallow down

Not really the most attractive word in our language, but it serves its anatomical purpose. We do this approximately two thousand times a day, about once every thirty seconds.

This swallowing is a tricky business because of the fifty muscles involved to get food from your lips to your stomach. The correct order and procedure in which these muscles must work is vital to prevent a catastrophic interruption to your meal.

To gobble therefore, may provide a considerable challenge to the successful negotiation of a swallow. So engaging in such a potentially hazardous physical exercise can never come with a guarantee of success, but to savour does seem a little more hopeful. And then there are the added benefits of pleasure and enjoyment.

savour: /ˈseɪvə/ verb : to taste flavour, to relish, appreciate or perceive the taste of, enjoy esp. lingering with deliberation, pleasure

Simply opening the packet of Granudie with deliberation can anticipate a satisfaction of complex aromas and the visual feast of texture and ingredients.

Now whatever foreplay delights you, there are no rules. Whether nibbling with a fragrant espresso, sitting with steaming teapot by a wintry window, or relaxing into a whisky, wine, liqueur evening after a busy day, Granudie will respond to difference. Be encouraged to think ‘other’.

And gobbling?

Well, if moderation does become too difficult — there really are no rules.

Until next time.


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