Stamina in a Bag - The Bush Walker's Friend

There once was a bush walker

A hiker and proficient talker

She uttered one morning

To the group she was adoring

How she might have to be a big balk-er

Now this was an unexpected shock

To the walking group who she'd just blocked

They could not understand

How she could be so offhand

When previously she'd been such a rock

She explained to the intrigued group

How her energy levels had a big droop

When hiking - she did not thrive

As her stamina took a big dive

And had nothing left with which to troop

Ah huh, they said with certainty

We can see what the problem might be

We reckon you’d be lacking

Because you’re simply not packing

THE source of energy - a bag of Granudie

Well her eyes, they opened up wide

And a big smile she could not hide

At last she had a solution

To her bush walking execution

And ordered a bag of Granudie with pride

Cluster Rhymes

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