Same-Same but Different? Pepitas and Pumpkin Seeds

Heard of Pepitas? Know what they are?

‘Pepita’ is just the hip, more exotic name for a pumpkin seed, right?

Kind of like how using the phrase lounge wear automatically makes tracky-dacks vogue. Well, turns out there are actually legitimate differences between pumpkin seeds and pepitas (unlike lounge wear and tracky-dacks, which despite the obnoxious price difference, are exactly the same thing).

Pepitas are the edible green kernels inside a hulled pumpkin seed, whereas pumpkin seeds include a kernel inside a hard, fibrous casing.

The variety of pumpkin kernel we use here at Granudie however, is a sort of hybrid of the two – a ‘naked’ or hull-less kernel with a thin coating instead of a shell, making the entire seed edible. This type of pumpkin kernel is found in Styrian pumpkins, which developed their hull-less seeds through a natural growth mutation discovered around 300 years ago.

Slightly larger in size and darker in hue than pepitas, Styrian pumpkin kernels contribute to Granudie’s renowned chunky, crunchy texture.

They are also a valuable nutritious component as a rich source of oils, protein, iron, antioxidants and vitamins, all of which will have your body feeling nourished and energised. According to Granudie lovers, they are also just very yum – and there’s more than a kernel of truth in that…

You may now leave the table.

Nola May x

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