It's Crunch Time

Seasonal Re-thinking is upon us.

That dwindling wood pile…

Leaf litter building up…

Warmer wardrobe additions… and food to feed these cooler days.

Somehow, a barefoot-tropical island platter doesn’t quite meet the coloured-crunching underfoot vibe of Autumn.

But bland is not an option, and sprinkling some crunch through your next sunset offering can liven up any pre-dinner palette. And afterwards, ‘round the fire-pit, while evening still holds that tantalizing blend of warm and cool, wow them with a Granudie creation to finish on an unexpected note.

The days of cheese and pineapple blobs on toothpicks are gone. Maybe your next fun retro/vintage vibe night will benefit, but for true innovation think forward — creating some Autumnal bling on your cheeseboard is as easy as graduating with Granudie distinction.

You know by now that we are not your average granola. Still full of the good stuff to warm your heart, but with an edge of sophistication which can move from day into evening.

Whether with sparkles or slippers, a crowd or a cosy sofa crunch with a red? — or a blonde? — or a brunette? Your choice!

Until next time.


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