Granudie Desserts

Feeling a bit Granaughty are we? Don’t worry, no judgement here!

In fact, we have several ideas about how to make a delicious dessert using Granudie granola.

Perhaps stewing a few apples or pears and serving them warm sprinkled with Granudie Number 2, a dollop of marscapone and a drizzle of vanilla essence tickles your fancy.

To entertain a crowd, create some quick and classy jar trifles by firstly soaking small slices of madeira cake in limoncello. Place these in the bottom of each jar, and begin layering Granudie Number 1 with a good-quality yoghurt, strawberries and blueberries. Top each jar with freshly whipped cream, a sprinkle of nutmeg and blueberries. Or, upgrade your classic cheesecake base by substituting biscuits for Granudie.

We recommend our zesty Granudie Number 1 for citrus or vanilla filling, whilst the buttery Granudie Number 3 flavour profile works best for chocolate cheesecakes.

Lastly and most importantly, we recommend that you adopt the philosophy that life is short – eat dessert first!

You may now leave the table.

Nola May x

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