A Winter’s Tale

(With apologies to Shakespeare)

Compote of plum, vanilla yogurt and Granudie #4... you're welcome!
A Winter's Plum Compote

It’s winter now and as of old there’s ice and snow and lots of cold, our socks are long our boots are stout with woollies on we venture out.

So off we go with steady step despite the air which freezes breath, we do our bit and stay on track we’ll soon be done then head on back.

We know the fire’s on at home and stumble in no more to roam, but we return from all our work to hear that cry, “Hunger Alert”.

Our belly shouts “I want food please, I want it now with speed and ease, I want it warm and done with haste, some smooth, some crunch and lots of taste.”

But don’t despair this isn’t strange, all tummies talk demanding change, just gently heat yoghurt or milk, chai, coffee, even chocolate silk.

Now tumble in Granudie’s voice whatever number is your choice. Warm fruit will add another trick there really is no end to it.

When empty, cold, and hungry wails Granudie has such varied tales.

So here’s to helping you restore some thermal balance.

Cheers, till more…

Cluster Rhymes

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